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Sniper Elite V2

Sniper Elite V2 is a 2012 tactical shooter video game developed by Rebellion Developments for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is a remake of Rebellion's 2005 game Sniper Elite. The game takes place in the same timeframe and location—the Battle of Berlin in April–May 1945—but now the main character, an American Office of Strategic Services officer, must capture or eliminate the scientists involved in the German V-2 rocket program. 

Developer(s) Rebellion Developments
Publisher(s) Rebellion Developments
505 Games
Ubisoft (Japan)
Engine Asura
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
PlayStation 3
Xbox 360
Release date(s) May 1, 2012
Genre(s) Tactical shooter
Mode(s) Single-player, multiplayer
Media/distribution DVD ROM, digital download

System Requirements
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
Processor: 2.4 GHz dual core
Memory: 1.5 GB RAM (Windows XP) / 2 GB (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 8000 series or ATI Radeon HD 2000 series or better
DirectX®: DirectX 9.0c
Hard Drive: 10 GB

Sniper Elite V2 is a game that revolves around TPS (Third-Person Shooter). This Game is the output of the Rebellion which is a remake of their earlier game, Sniper Elite. In this game took the same location and time of the game Sniper elite, that sets it apart is the main character of Sniper Elite V2 is an OSS officer assigned to stop the Nazi rocket program V2.  

Sniper Elite V2 tells the adventures of Karl Fariburne, an OSS officer in charge to stop the rocket program V2 in order not to fall into the hands of the Nazis or Soviets. The story in this game begins with a tutorial mission where Fairburne is assigned to assassinate Major General Hans Von Germany, namely Eisenberg to be defected to the Soviet Union.  

Sniper Elite V2 have more or less the same gameplay with Sniper Elite, the difference is only in the addition of a new feature that is named X-Ray Kill Cam. This new feature will show the Kill Cam with views of x-ray on the shot. The stuff that makes this interesting new features is being able to set how often the Kill Cam it will appear. In a normal setting, Kill Cam which appears not too often and this makes the game is not boring because you get to see a lot of variations. In addition organ or body part that shot will be visible, for example, is on a break-up when doing a Headshot to the eye, then you will be able to see those eyes broke.

Besides the interesting thing about this game is the pengaturah level of difficulty. Just as the game pedahulunya, the difficulty level of each choice will change the perluru line a shot. On the level of difficulty as cadet, the bullet is not affected by gravity. While at the level of difficulty, the bullet will be influenced marksman by gravity and to level kesulitah sniper elite, the bullet will be affected by gravity and wind. Thus you can also change the difficulty level to custom where you can set how the AI behavior of the enemy, the enemy position indicators, and so on.

Main weapon carried by Fairburne is a sniper rifle. In addition to the main weapon that he also carried automatic rifle and a hand gun. Because it was a sniper Fairburne, he brings a lot of bullets to rifles, whereas Automatic rifle which he admits there is only 1 magasin. In addition to firearms, Fairburne also carry some items like rocks to provoke the enemy's attention, trip mine to put up traps at the door, land mine to trap on the road, and grenades. 

Although many of the latest features that are interesting, but there is a shortage of one of them which is the folder that is somewhat linear. Maybe this problem is no stranger to the game lately. Unfortunately the linear folder it makes Elite Sniper V2 somewhat less fun. You will encounter trouble if you want to bypass the enemy without having to kill them. Inevitably, you should kill all the enemies on the map in order to forward passes folder. In addition, the thing that disappoints again is there is no change in behavior on AI. Once the enemy AI find player, they will continue to be in condition even though we've moved alerts position to remove the traces.

Sniper Elite V2 also features a multiplayer mode, the same as the previous game. Multiplayer Mode has to offer is his team deathmatch and there is also a co-op mode Mode team deathmatch. do not differ greatly with those on other games. Of particular interest is the co-op mode where one player becomes a sniper and the other player becomes the spotter. If you are tired of playing the campaign or multiplayer mode, this game offers a challenge. There are a variety of modes that you can play. One mode that is kill tally, where you must survive wave of attacks enemies with the number of kill as many as possible. There are also other modes such as the F├╝hrer Assasinate where you must kill Hitler himself. Unfortunately this mode is the DLC.


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